Planning Supports
 “The children have learned and had a wonderful experience and opportunity to see a skeleton, the anatomy of the human body with it’s organs, the earth with it’s universe and last but not least the LEGO Table. This has been a wonderful experience for my class to utilize.  Everything was used daily, Fantastic materials! “
-Frann Robertson, Pre K 4 Teacher,  Crocker College Prep

Office Hours with Experts

Connect with a local STEM professional or subject matter expert for help with specific content questions. Review the roster of our current experts, or contact us us to address a new need in your classroom. We will help find someone with the expertise that is right for you.

Communities of Practice

Too many teachers work in silos. SLL offers opportunities for you to meet and interact with your colleagues. We offer informal gatherings, as well as structured events around a specific subject, grade level, lesson plan, or equipment item.

Contact us to request a new event to meet your specific needs.

General Community Resources

You are busy! We want to make your life a little easier, so we compiled a listing of STEM education resources. Everything from field trips, to professional development opportunities, to small grants for your classroom.

Contact us to share an opportunity that we may have missed.

COVID-19 Resource Guide
Professional Development Opportunities
Field Trips

STEM Library Lab News

Resourcing the Under-resourced

The problem, resourcing the under-resourced, is deceptively challenging. We sent invitations for appointments to the Teacher Free-Store to over 2,000 local educators in the last 2 weeks. Of the respondents, 92% have been from schools with an “A” grade on their SPS score. “A” schools make up less than 10% of all Orleans Parish public schools. Do the teachers at C, D, and F schools just not need free supplies? We know empirically this is not the case, so are forced to ask, what makes those teachers less likely to take advantage of a resource?

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STEM Library Lab-Young Bloods

St. Charles Magazine, 01/31/2020, by Lindsay Mack, Photos by Cheryl Gerber While working as a science teacher in New Orleans, Todd Wackerman faced a common dilemma: lab materials are often outside the school’s budget. To help other educators facing a similar issue,...

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