Service Learning Program Current Projects

“I truly believe these service-learning experiences have made me a more effective teacher and have provided students a voice and a chance to show how much of a difference they can make as a citizen, even at a young age.”
-Barry J. Guillot, NBCT | 8th Grade Earth Science, Harry Hurst Middle School

Parish/CountyStateSchoolService Learning PlanDescriptionSubject Areas
AscensionLADutchtown Middle SchoolA Cup of ThanksStudents with disabilities are taught the basics of customer service apply their skills by providing a coffee cart service to teachers, special education staff, the Ascension Parish Sheriff's Office.Math, ELA, Science, Social Studies, and Social Skills
CaddoLAMagnolia School of ExcellenceMagnolia in NatureStudents organize and implement an online auction with the proceeds going to a free K-12 afterschool program. Marketing and Business Math
HancockMSOur Lady AcademyEarth Day FestivalStudents at Our Lady Academy will teach the 3rd and 4th graders at another school about Earth Day after researching environmental concepts such as "reduce, reuse, recycle".Science
HarrisonMSOur Lady of Fatima ElementaryAll for One and One for All - Giving to Others Through ReadingThe students will be given the challenge of earning as many Accelerated Reading points as possible each term. Their earned points will garner income to purchase items for the St. Vincent de Paul Charity.Science, Technology, Religion, Engineering, Art and Math
JeffersonLAAcademy of Our LadyFreshmen Learn with Elders at WynhovenStudents learn about religious topics and practices before visiting a nursing home to talk about the life of a saint, execute a prayer service, or do a craft with the residents.Religion
JeffersonLAArchbishop Chapelle High SchoolLSU Coastal Roots ProgramThe LSU Coastal Roots program teaches students how to actively prevent Louisiana coastal erosion and encourage restoration.AP Science
JeffersonLAArchbishop Chapelle High SchoolCare for all God's CreaturesStudents learn about animal shelters and control of the animal population with hands-on experiences at an animal shelter.Veterinary Science
JeffersonLAArchbishop Chapelle High SchoolChips for Charity - Helping Homeless FamiliesStudents learn about how homelessness affects adults and children in the Greater New Orleans area and provide personal care items.Theology
JeffersonLAMetairie Park Country DayCoastal RootsStudents learn about coastal erosion and contribute to defense and restoration projects.Science
JeffersonLAPatrick F. Taylor Academy for Advanced StudiesA Garden for ChangeA seasonal rooftop vegetable garden provides fresh produce to a shelter that serves the homeless population.English/Language Arts, Science
JeffersonLAPatrick F. Taylor Academy for Advanced StudiesTaylor Tackles the EnvironmentEnglish and science classes collaborate with the EPA to raise student awareness about pollution and environmental issues affecting the local area. English/Language Arts, Science
JeffersonLASt. Angela Merici School5th Grade Veteran Outreach ProgramStudents learn about the contributions of U.S. veterans and organize a performance honoring local veterans.Religion, Math, Social Studies
JeffersonLASt. Angela Merici School6th Grade Literacy BuildersStudents provide literacy support and donations to low-income residents.Religion, Math, Social Studies
JeffersonLASt. Angela Merici School7th Graders CAN Make a DifferenceStudents collect and distribute donations for the Rebuild Center.Math, English, Religion
JeffersonLASt. Clement of Rome SchoolSecond Grade Visits with Sunrise Living CenterStudents develop friendships with the elderly community via social activities and interviews.Math, English/Reading, Religion, and Music
JeffersonLASt. Elizabeth Ann Seton SchoolWetlandsThe plants and trees of Louisiana wetlands are studied and students learn about pollution levels in the wetlands and the impact on the environment.Science, Information Literacy
JeffersonLASt. Elizabeth Ann Seton SchoolLantern Light/Feed JesusHunger, homelessness, and underlying causes are researched by students before touring the Rebuild Center to learn about the services provided, as well as preparing and serving lunch to guests.Social Studies, Math, Religion and Science
JeffersonLASt. Louis King of France SchoolCelebrating One Another Though Reading, Writing and Music FiestaStudents celebrate diversity and learn to translate literature from English to Spanish. Reading, Spanish, Music, Computer Science
OrleansLABenjamin Franklin High SchoolFrom Student to ScientistTo inspire a diverse range of students to pursue science, students meet with lower and middle school students to share the STEM knowledge gained in the classroom.STEM
OrleansLABenjamin Franklin High SchoolConnecting BFHS to the Local Community With Service LearningTeaching assistants (sophomores, juniors and seniors) tutor incoming freshmen in Physics remotely.Physics
OrleansLACabrini High SchoolSenior (12th) Religion - Women FocusStudents research female missionaries and host a mission day to educate elementary students about how they can also be of service to others.Religion
OrleansLACabrini High SchoolScience SquadStudents share STEM activities with children from elementary schools to encourage young women to enter STEM fields.Science
OrleansLACabrini High SchoolJunior Religion Class Service Learning ProjectAfter exploring issues of poverty and homelessness, students meet and serve guests at the Rebuild Center.Religion
OrleansLAGood Shepherd School, TheHomeless Outreach with Harry Tompson CenterMiddle school students will research homelessness in the New Orleans area and assembling hygiene kits for clients at the Tompson Center. Religion
OrleansLAHoly Cross High SchoolSeniors Feed the HungryStudents learn about food insecurity, food deserts, and food waste, and host a canned good drive to support a local food bank.Theology
OrleansLAHoly Cross High SchoolJuniors Save Our CoastStudents learn about coastal erosion and contribute to defense and restoration projects.Theology, Science
OrleansLAIsidore Newman SchoolMaintaining Community Gardens in The Upper & Lower 9th Ward & Planting Native Trees in New OrleansHaving designed and built raised garden beds, students plant and maintain community gardens in a food desert.Biology
OrleansLALouise S. McGehee School11th Grade Government Studies Policy & Nonprofits via New Orleans Habitat for Humanity (NOAHH)Students investigate government housing policies and homelessness, as they work with Habitat for Humanity.U.S. Government/Civics, English
OrleansLALouise S. McGehee SchoolSophomores Reflect on the American Dream by Serving the Homeless at Grace at the Green LightSophomores explore the concept of the "American Dream" throughout history, as they visit agencies assisting the homeless, and consider the factors preventing one from achieving the "American Dream".English, American History
OrleansLAMount Carmel AcademyMount Carmel Cubs Against Destructive Decisions on WheelsHigh school students offer site visits to middle schools to give presentations about teen challenges and decision-making.Biology
OrleansLAMount Carmel AcademyWhoo Eats Who?Biology students study energy transfer and explore owl pellets with elementary school students. Driver's Education
OrleansLAMount Carmel AcademyHands helping HandsClasses explore poverty and blight in the classroom and then work with homeowners building, painting, and making repairs to their homes -- to help end blight in the city.Religion
OrleansLAReNEW SciTech AcademyGrow On Community GardeningStudents learn about sustainable farming and good nutrition in the classroom and in the Grow On Community Gardens.Science
OrleansLASt. Benedict the Moor SchoolCaring for God's CreaturesStudents learn about pets, animal shelters, and empathy through a partnership with the SPCA.English/Language Arts, Science
OrleansLASt. Benedict the Moor SchoolEnvironmental StewardsAfter studying environmental issues, students practice, reducing, reusing, rethinking and recycling at school and in the community.Science, Spelling, English/Language Arts, Math, Science
OrleansLASt. Benedict the Moor SchoolHealth, Nutrition and HomelessnessPrior to conducting a food drive and visiting a homeless shelter, students investigate the impact of homelessness on health and nutrition.Science, Social Studies
OrleansLASt. Benedict the Moor SchoolAdopt a GrandfriendStudents develop friendships with the elderly community via social activities and interviews.English/Language Arts
OrleansLASt. Benedict the Moor SchoolChildren Helping ChildrenChildren explore empathy by learning about the experiences of patients at Children's Hospital and the role of the Ronald McDonald House.English/Language Arts, Social Studies
OrleansLASt. Benedict the Moor SchoolCoastal WetlandsStudents learn about wetland erosion and contribute to restoration projects.Science, Social Studies, Math
OrleansLASt. Dominic SchoolNo Place Like Home (feeding/clothing the needy and the homeless)After studying the Beatitudes, Kits for the needy and homeless are assembled for the St. Jude Community Center.Religion
OrleansLASt. Paul's Episcopal SchoolCoastal RootsStudents learn about wetland erosion and contribute to restoration projects.Science
OrleansLASt. Pius X SchoolLittle Free LibraryStudents research children's literature, write children's stories, and place the finished books in a Little Free Library, that they assemble. English, Reading
OrleansLASt. Pius X SchoolRain Garden and EcosystemsLessons on ecosystems and weather are taught before a visit to the Pontchartrain Conservancy. Students participate in the "Green Infrastructure: Solving Urban Problems with Natural Solutions", and then design a rain garden to help with flooding waters.Science
OrleansLAUrsuline AcademyUrsuline 10th Grade Teaches St. Michael Special School about SaintsUrsuline students visit the St. Michael Special School to share their knowledge of history of the Saints at an assembly.Theology
OrleansLAUrsuline Academy8th Grade Religion Making Connections with the ElderlyAfter learning about the health challenges of the elderly, students create games that can be played by someone with the health conditions studied, using the school's SmartLab. Theology, Engineering, Writing, Science
OrleansLAUrsuline Academy11th Grade Social Justice Class Helps the HomelessUrsuline Juniors partner with a food bank to learn about food insecurity and homelessness in New Orleans before hosting a school food drive and serving lunch at area shelters.Theology
OrleansLAUrsuline Academy9th Grade teaches St. Rita School students about Life & Teachings of Jesus via Children's Literacy  Ursuline students teach St. Rita's students the importance of reading and literacy by using the Gospels and literary aspects of the Bible.Theology, English
OrleansLAUrsuline Academy12th Graders Plant Trees in the Wetlands   The senior class learns about the wetlands at the Pontchartrain Conservancy and the Woodlands Conservancy; then, students create business plans that create solutions to environmental issues.Theology, Science, Entrepreneurship
OrleansLAUrsuline AcademyAspirational ArtArt students will meet with a Grace House representative to learn about substance abuse and create a "recovery deck of cards" for each resident to use in therapy or during meditation. Visual Arts
OrleansLAWarren Easton Charter HighPartnership with Youth Rebuilding New OrleansWarren Easton students work with Morris Jefferson students on engineering fundamentals before using their skills at YRNO facilities to build a small model home.Math, English, Engineering
OrleansLAWarren Easton Charter HighRIFF-Project (Reading is Fundamentally Fun)High school students encourage literacy by reading and discussing books with elementary school students.English/Language Arts
OrleansLAWarren Easton Charter HighSTEM / SCIENCE / ENGINEERING BUDDIESHigh students facilitate STEM lessons for 5th and 6th graders. STEM
PlaqueminesLABelle Chasse High SchoolOur Heroes, Our VeteransStudents investigate the U.S. military and organize a day of events to honor local veterans.US History, Sociology
St. BernardLAOur Lady of Prompt Succor SchoolReduce, Reuse, Recycle and ServeStudents partner with Ronald McDonald charities to support families with money from recycled, (aluminum can) pull tab collections.English, Math, Religion, Science
St. CharlesLAHarry Hurst Middle SchoolWetland WatchersStudents present information about wetlands to younger students on wetland field trips. The class also performs service activities such as collecting litter at Wetland Watchers Park.Science
St. CharlesLASt. Charles Satellite CenterReading at Elementary Libraries - FallStudents learn about language and motor skills development and literacy instruction before hands-on teaching experiences with local elementary school students.Introduction to Education
St. CharlesLASt. Charles Satellite CenterReading at Elementary Libraries - SpringStudents learn about language and motor skills development and literacy instruction before hands-on teaching experiences with local elementary school students.Introduction to Education
St. CharlesLASt. Charles Satellite CenterWorld Class Service LearningStudents learn the basics of HRT, research hospitality service, and apply their skills while serving members of the community.Hospitality, Restaurants, and Tourism
St. JamesLACypress Grove Montessori AcademyFrom Garden to TableStudents will work with community elders to plant gardens and raise chickens. The food products and hands-on experiences will be shared with members of the Council of Aging in St. James Parish.Science
St. JamesLASt James Career & Tech CenterFast Food FarmStudents help plant and maintain crops and learn food processing techniques at the Fast Food Farm, which educates elementary school students about where food comes from.Agriculture
St. JohnLASt. Joan of Arc Catholic SchoolThank you Bags for our Community!Students learn about the role of community workers, such as police officers and medical staff, and show their appreciation through cards and "blessing bags".Social studies, ELA, Math, Science
St. TammanyLAFifth Ward Junior High SchoolPlants, Eggs, and Chickens (PEC)Students learn to raise baby chicks and the eggs are donated to low income families in the Bush and Sun communities.Agricscience
St. TammanyLAMadisonville Junior High SchoolRevitalization of Madisonville's Pine Street ParkA master gardener works with students to plant trees in Madisonville's Pine Street Park.Science
St. TammanyLAMary, Queen of Peace Catholic SchoolHeritage Manor Intergenerational Pen Pal ProjectStudents learn history through pen pals who are residents at a nursing home.English, Social Studies
St. TammanyLASlidell Junior High SchoolEmpty Bowls ProjectArt students learn to create clay bowls, which will be donated to a fundraiser event for the Samaritan Center.Visual Arts
St. TammanyLASt. Margaret Mary SchoolHelping the Homeless: What is Poverty?Poverty and homeless are explored using an interdisciplinary approach, and students create monthly care packages after researching the needs of the homeless.Religion, Math, Social Studies, Science, English/Language Arts
St. TammanyLASt. Paul's SchoolSPS Food Bank GardenClassroom lessons cover plants, agriculture, and food insecurity. Food produced in a campus garden will be donated to an area food bank.Science
St. TammanyLASt. Paul's SchoolSPS Agri-Science class partners with North Shore Food BankClassroom lessons cover plants, agriculture, and food insecurity. Food produced in a campus garden will be donated to an area food bank.Science
St. TammanyLASt. Scholastica AcademyProject WetlandsStudents learn about coastal erosion and contribute to defense and restoration projects.Environmental Science
St. TammanyLASt. Scholastica AcademySSA Community GardenEnvironmental Science students explore food insecurity, grow vegetables, and deliver fresh produce to the Covington Food Bank.Environmental Science
St. TammanyLAWilliam Pitcher Junior HighCoast 2050 Towards a Sustainable Coastal LouisianaThe LSU Coastal Roots program teaches students how to actively prevent Louisiana coastal erosion and encourage restoration.Science
St. TammanyLAWilliam Pitcher Junior HighThe Empty Bowl - Fill the Bowl Service Learning ProjectArt students learn to create clay bowls, which will be donated to a fundraiser event for the Samaritan Center.Visual Arts, Social Studies
St. TammanyLAWilliam Pitcher Junior HighWilliam Pitcher's Campus BeautificationA master gardener teaches students how to plant vegetables and the produce is donated to a food bank.Science/Agriculture
St. TammanyLAWilliam Pitcher Junior HighBeautification and Restoration of Covington's Bogue Falaya ParkA master gardener works with students to replace plants and trees lost during Hurricane Ida.Science/Agriculture
TangipahoaLAPonchatoula High SchoolPicasso Arrives in PonchatoulaStudents with disabilities study the painter, Pablo Picasso, and then work with the City to design and paint Picasso-inspired art murals on a blighted building.Visual Arts
TangipahoaLAPonchatoula High SchoolQuad Vets: Restoring Honor for America's VeteransStudents with disabilities learn about American history, citizenship, and military service before visiting a center providing transitional services to homeless veterans.Science, Math, English/Language Arts, Social Studies, Music, Art, Vocational Instruction
TangipahoaLARoseland Montessori SchoolGenerational Footprints VI: Sights for SeniorsStudents improve the aesthetics at a nursing home via classroom science projects such as bird feeders and pinwheels.Science

Annual Art Contest

The Brown Foundation Service Learning Program sponsors an annual Service Learning art contest for students in grades K-11. The 2022 Theme and Logo Contest winner is Emma Palermo, a student at Mount Carmel Academy in New Orleans!