Getting Focused with Charter School Leaders for STEM Education

Originally published TAYLORHUB, February 1, 2018


Alvarez Spark Innovation Award recipient Todd Wackerman is an MBA student at Tulane’s Freeman School.  To validate assumptions about his proposed nonprofit, Todd conducted a series of design-thinking interviews and focus groups with stakeholders.

The Science Teachers’ Equipment Lending Library (STELL) began with a good idea.  From 6 years teaching STEM subjects in high schools, I realized that one of the biggest challenges to improving teaching and learning might also be one of the easiest to solve.  By ensuring that schools have access to equipment and lesson planning resources, we can improve the quality of instruction that teachers are putting in front of students. This will help them become more excited about science, and better prepared for testing and general problem-solving.

But over the last few months, we discovered that if you want to turn your good idea into a reality, you have to be able to prove it to people. Read more at

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