Learning to Pilot, Building a Real STEM Lending Library

Originally published TAYLORHUB, February 4, 2018

NewDay Challenge Award recipient Todd Wackerman is an MBA student at Tulane’s Freeman School.  After completing the Changemaker Institute in 2017, he has conducted market validation and industry research into his K-12 STEM library venture.  Now he is preparing to use this to introduce a Pilot Program of the venture as he prepares to open for business in 2018.

If you’re wondering what happened, we changed our name.  The Science Teachers’ Equipment Lending Library, while descriptive, was a bit verbose, and also factually inaccurate as we will service all STEM educators.  We are now STEM Library Lab!

Next week, we will launch our Pilot Program, and begin lending to real live teachers.

Read more at https://tuchangemakers.tulane.edu/2018/02/05/learning-to-pilot-building-a-real-stem-lending-library/

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