Virtual learning Resources

Virtual Resources are Here to Stay!

During the COVID-19 closures, we compiled a list of curriculum and enrichment and community oriented resources to aid teachers who have transitioned to remote teaching.

The pages below contain local and nationally approved lesson plans, curricular materials, and additional content to help STEM teachers implement high-quality inquiry-based virtual classrooms.

View our webinar for science teachers seeking support with remote teaching.

Download the Presentation slides here

Lesson Planning

View our compilation of subject/grade specific resources, as well as topical resources for high quality STEM teaching

Locally Sourced Content

Find materials created by local teachers including video demos, work produced by local teachers, and resources from local nonprofits

Teacher Interviews

View interviews of local teachers describing and demonstrating how they are implementing science into their remote instruction

Non-instructional Content

Keep up to date on upcoming grants, LSSS-aligned professional development, and other virtual resources for teachers beyond just instruction