Data Driven Road Tripping to STEM Education Centers

Originally published TAYLORHUB, February 4, 2018

NewDay Challenge Award recipient Todd Wackerman is an MBA student at Tulane’s Freeman School.  As he prepares to open his K-12 STEM equipment library for business in 2018, Todd visited analog facilities in a variety of US cities to first hand learn about logistics, implementation strategies, challenges and best practices. 

On August 12th I set out on a 3,000 mile journey across the middle of the U.S.  The purpose was to visit and learn about operations, logistics, marketing, outreach, and reporting, across a variety of K-12 STEM libraries across the country.  Over 9 days, I visited 6 facilities and met teachers, educators, librarians, and professors engaged in work parallel to our plans here at STELL.  It was a whirlwind expedition, ending in a full totality viewing of the solar eclipse on August 21st in a wide open field outside of Cookeville, Tennessee, home of the Millard Oakley STEM Center in Tennessee Tech University.


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